As a business owner, are you living the life you dreamed of? Or are you stuck in some way?

Being “stuck” as a business owner can mean a variety of things since the specifics of each owner’s situation are different. While acknowledging that truth, I suggest that we can divide “stuck-ness” into five categories:

Chaos defines chaos as a state of confusion or disorder or as a lack of organization or order. As an owner, you may feel that your life is out of control. It could be a lack of control over your time, or feeling buffeted by the market, or not having enough control over what is happening inside your company. If your time is consumed resolving crisis after crisis, you might be stuck in chaos.

People problems

While often by “people” we mean “employees”, people problems also encompass customers, vendors, and/or partners. It may be that employees don’t share your vision for the company, or they all seem to be going in different directions with different priorities. Customers can seem too demanding, or worse yet, apathetic; vendors fail to follow through on their commitments to you. If you are frustrated by the people you work with or for, you likely suffer from people problems.

Revenue and profit

For many owners, there is not enough of one or the other, or perhaps both. If this is what stuck means to you, you are probably unsure what the problem is and therefore what to do about it.


You seem to have hit some sort of ceiling on growth—new customers are hard to find, or your company seems to be unable to scale in order to deliver at a higher level. You may know that you need to grow, but are unsure how to do it or what strategy to implement—is geographic expansion your next step, or broadening the kinds of products/service you offer, or something else? This category also includes negative growth—your sales and profitability are not only stagnant, they are headed in the wrong direction.


You are not at a loss for new ideas, but none of them seem to work. You have tried new strategies or the latest business initiative, but all you have to show for your efforts is a worn-out, jaded, even cynical staff. You are working as hard as you can, but you are metaphorically spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

If you suffer from one or more of the above categories, you are stuck. Recognizing  and admitting this is the first step to becoming un-stuck. If you are stuck, let me help you! You can contact me by phone or text at +1-646-736-9006 or by email at If getting help is not a good fit for you right now, please read my next post to learn how to regain control of your business!